Richmond Mayor Received Campaign Money From Organization Founded by Investor in Casino Project

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney (D) is denying any claims that political commitments to his 2020 re-appointment crusade had any bearing on his inclination in choosing a triumphant club bid for the Virginia capital city. 

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Stoney, who effectively won re-appointment last year with almost 38% of the 카지노사이트 vote in the midst of a jam-packed six-up-and-comer race, gotten $20,000 from an association called the Black Opportunity Council (BOC). Among the people who gave to the political activity board of trustees was its originator, Greg Cummings. 

Cummings is a financial backer in Urban One's club adventure, which Richmond's Resort Casino Evaluation Panel considered the triumphant bid last month. The venture is known as ONE Casino + Resort. In November, Richmond electors will conclude whether to approve the $562.5 million endeavor. 

With concerns raised by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Cummings denied any association between the Stoney gift and the club exertion. 

There are no ties," Cummings proclaimed. "[The Black Opportunity Council] advocates for Black incorporation and value issues. That is its motivation. It steers clear of a club." 

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Metropolitan One's club project incorporates an enormous gathering of different financial backers. The turn of events, Urban One says, gives "openings for minority proprietorship" and is "tied in with lifting individuals up and building abundance inside the Richmond people group." 

A representative for Stoney said the BOC 바카라사이트 commitment no affected the city hall leader's choice to suggest Urban One. 

Metropolitan One Unaware of Contributions 

Traded on an open market on Nasdaq, Urban One is a media aggregate that professes to be "The most confided in source in the African-American people group." Because it has no experience running gambling clubs, the organization has joined forces with Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (P2E) in creating and working the gambling club complex. 

With respect to whether Urban One utilized its political ability to acquire Stoney's help, the firm says that is unwarranted. 

"I'm extraordinarily glad for our record of help, which is completely straightforward and shows our attention on schooling, labor force advancement, and opportunity value," Urban One CEO Alfred Liggins said of the organization's political gifts. 

"Having said that, we have not given to or met with the Black Opportunity Fund. We can't address what our individual financial backers have done. We have never asked, nor is it pertinent to their cooperation with ONE, what gatherings or political up-and-comers our financial backers support," Liggins clarified. 

Metropolitan, P2E Uninvolved 

The BOC has likewise excused any intimations that its gift to Stoney was to impact his support of Urban One's undertaking over different entries. 

While Mr. Cummings is an individual from our Advisory Board and establishing chief, I didn't know about his interest in the task, as his own speculations steer clear of crafted by the BOC, and honestly, don't concern me," Ross Williams, leader overseer of the BOC, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "I can guarantee you there are no odious dealings, as have been hinted." 

Mission filings showed that Stoney took in more than $224,000 in gifts in September alone. As civic chairman, Stoney gets a yearly compensation of $125,000.